Description and Ecology of Indonesian Species <i>Tetrastigma glabratum</i> (Blume) Planch, a host of Rafflesiaceae

  • Lianah Lianah IAIN Walisongo, Jl Walisongo 4-5, Semarang, Indonesia 50185


This article presents an overview of the current
knowledge of Tetrastigma glabratum (Blume) Planch, a
host of Rafesiaceae, by providing information on
botany and ecology of T. glabratum, and conservation
status by propagating the plants vegetatively and
monitoring its growth in-situ and ex-situ. The study was
conducted in the protected rainforests at Mount Prau,
Candiroto, North Kedu, Central Java between 2009-
2014. Shoot growth and expansion in stem diameter
were faster in-situ than ex-situ whereas the number of
leaves was similar in both locations. Ex-situ
conservation and cultivation is very important to protect
these rare, unique, and endangered species from